THE SPEAKER « » : The honourable member for Dartmouth North.


SUSAN LEBLANC « » : Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate all who participated in the third annual chili cook-off organized by the Dartmouth North Public Library.

Seven organizations from Dartmouth North took part, each cooking a delicious pot of chili, hoping it would be named top chili for 2019. Community members were the judges and each person was given a tray of seven small bowls, served at the table by members of the Halifax Fire Department, Highfield Park Station.

Mr. Speaker, I tried them all and the decision was very tough - they were all really good. However, the democratic process was invoked and the top three chilis were honoured - third place went to the awesome HRM Recreation staff who work at the Dartmouth North Community Centre; second place went to the cooking team at the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre; and top prize went to the awesome team of Community Police Officers working in Dartmouth North at the Demetreous Lane Community Office.

Congratulations to the staff at the library for organizing the fun and promoting another terrific community event in Dartmouth North.

THE SPEAKER « » : The honourable member for Clare-Digby.