THE SPEAKER « » : The honourable member for Dartmouth North.


SUSAN LEBLANC « » : Mr. Speaker, I rise today to offer congratulations to the dedicated team of volunteers behind Dartmouth North's good newspaper, the North Dartmouth Echo for marking 15 years of publishing in our community.

Led by Sylvia Anthony, the group founded the paper in Spring 2003 and the first issue was published in June 2004. Community members were deeply concerned about the mainstream media coverage of Dartmouth North at the time. They knew there were plenty of positive and exciting things happening in our community that were being over-shadowed by a steady stream of negative press.

Since its first edition, the Echo has been the place to go for stories from around the community, highlighting the accomplishments of youth and other community groups, and the place to go to find the best church suppers and flea markets in the area.

There is an old saying that no news is good news. For the last 15 years, the Echo has shown the people of Dartmouth North that there is plenty of good news out there that deserves to be shared and celebrated.

I ask the members of the House of Assembly to join me in congratulating and thanking all involved with the North Dartmouth Echo for their continued dedication to the paper and to our community.

THE SPEAKER « » : The honourable member for Clayton Park West.